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5 Things You Need To Know To Support Your Multimodal Strategy

Posted by DebMed on Jul 13, 2017 11:00:00 AM

With the kids out of school and vacation season in full swing, you may have missed our 5-Part Series on best practices for driving hand hygiene compliance.  

The follow blog posts discuss the impact that product and behavior drivers have on compliance, including: key considerations of hand sanitizer (wet time, coverage and efficacy); the importance of product availability, location and ease of use; the critical role of educating staff on why, when and how to clean hands; and the role that monitoring and feedback plays in improving staff performance. 

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Part 1: Spreading Awareness Beyond May 5

While May 5 World Hand Hygiene Day and other similar awareness events do a good job at sharpening focus on the critical need for continuous improvement in hand hygiene performance, we know that efforts to create meaningful and lasting change need to happen all year round.

Hospitals, health systems and other healthcare facilities along the continuum of care face daily challenges related to infection prevention and control. Working together, using effective interventions, clinicians and executives have already made progress toward the ultimate goal of eliminating infections that compromise the health and safety of hospital patients. Read the full blog post

Part 2: You Cleaned Your Hands. But Are They Clean?

This blog focuses on the issues of coverage, wet time and efficacy, to assure hands are optimally cleaned.

Hand hygiene compliance is a complex issue. A decade of research has shown a multimodal strategy, such as the one recommended in the WHO guidance (2009), to be most effective in improving hand hygiene performance. This would involve a number of components including education and training, monitoring and feedback, and product availability, location and ease of use. Read the full blog post

Part 3: Remove Barriers, Increase Hand Hygiene Compliance

This blog addresses the impact of product availability, accessibility and ease-of-use.

In the fight against healthcare associated infections (HAIs), and in particular when we discuss hand hygiene compliance, it is critical to be aware of the facts around product availability, location, and ease-of-use. Like with any other behavior, an easy action helps to increase compliance. Read the full blog post

Part 4: Hand Hygiene Education: Why, When and How

This blog discusses the importance of hand hygiene education.

Healthcare professionals who practice hand hygiene compliance are leaders in the fight against dangerous and sometimes deadly healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). This blog covers the why, when and how of hand hygiene education, training and coaching. It addresses several of the factors  that can impact  hand hygiene compliance. Read the full blog post

Part 5: Reduce the Risk. Go All Hands In for Electronic Monitoring

This blog zeroes in on the role of accurate automated monitoring and feedback to achieve optimal compliance.

The critical role of contact transfer in hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), which affect thousands of patients each year, is not in dispute. Nor is there much doubt about the vital need to break the chain of transmission via healthcare worker’s hands. What is being debated today is how best to empower healthcare professionals to improve their hand hygiene performance, to improve compliance and reduce infections among vulnerable patients. Read the full blog post


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