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DebMed Blog: Healthcare Hygiene Matters

Implement a Hand Hygiene Program at Your Long-Term Care Facility – Stat!

Tackling the rise of E. coli with effective hand hygiene

Champion Clean Care This World Hand Hygiene Day

Highlighting good hand hygiene practice for Glove Awareness Week

Patient Hand Hygiene: It’s as easy as 1 – 2 - 3

Show Your Hands Devotion – Use Lotion

Breaking the Chain of Infection

How Safe Are Our Hands?

Ready to Tackle Cold and Flu Season?

Acing Hand Hygiene Compliance

The Joint Commission Survey: Are You Ready?

Most Popular Posts of 2018

Let’s Break it Down: C. diff 101

Protecting Patients with the 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene

Healthcare Barriers to Adopting New Hand Hygiene Technology

Changing the Culture of Hand Hygiene in Healthcare

What's the link between Nurses’ Attitudes and Hand Hygiene Compliance?

DebMed Summer 2018 Recap: APIC, Awards and More

MP Andrea Jenkyns speaks out in recent Parliamentary debate – ‘we need to embrace technology in order to save lives’

For Preventing Infections, Sanitizer is Still your Best Friend!

Hospital Floors, Pathogens and the Five-Second Rule

Why Can’t We Seem to Say Goodbye to Poor Hand Hygiene

Tips to make it through summer safely!

Disruptive Technology - Leading  the Way in the Healthcare Industry

Data + Insight = Improved Patient Care

Mind boggling facts: Why do some men avoid handwashing?

A successful infection prevention strategy includes more than just hand hygiene

It’s In (And On) Your Hands: Save Lives this World Hand Hygiene Day

From Health and Safety to Hand Hygiene: Communication is Key

It’s Not a Project; it’s the Way You Work: Committing to Culture Change

The Importance of Skin Health in Healthcare Facilities

The Significance of “Culture” in Hand Hygiene Performance

Visiting a Hospitalized Patient This Flu Season? Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Go

Hand Hygiene in the Spotlight as Flu Now Widespread in 46 States

Hi-Tech Hand Wash: Electronic Hand Hygiene Systems Bring the Newest Technology to an Age-Old Problem

Sharp Up-Tick in Flu Cases Prompts CDC Alert

The Top 10 Things Infection Preventionists Want For The Holidays

New Joint Commission hand hygiene requirements… Are you ready?

4 Ways To Give Flu The Cold Shoulder This Winter

Warning Nasty Flu Season Ahead

Fall into the Infection Prevention Momentum

Hand Hygiene Compliance and the Engaged Patient

Hand Hygiene Tips to Celebrate International Infection Prevention Week

Top 5 Infection Prevention Articles Of All Time

Three reasons why healthcare facilities are moving towards electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring

What Can We Do About The Flu?

Popular 'Life Hacks' for Germy Places

The Psychology of Hand Hygiene

Think Fungus

How To Get Better Hand Hygiene For Long Term Care Homes

How To Protect Environmental Service Professionals From Occupational Dermatitis

Are You Using the Right Hand Hygiene Products? 7 Key Points to Consider

5 Things You Need To Know To Support Your Multimodal Strategy

Reduce the Risk. Go All Hands In for Electronic Monitoring

Hand Hygiene Education: Why, When and How

Remove Barriers, Increase Hand Hygiene Compliance

You Cleaned Your Hands. But Are They Clean?

Spreading Awareness Beyond May 5 - A 5 Part Blog Series

PPE & Hand Hygiene

May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day

5 Most Popular Hand Hygiene Articles

How does hand hygiene compliance in Australia relate to you…?

How Much Hand Soap Should You Use?

Top Hospitals for Patient Experience and Patient Safety

Avoiding Hand Sanitizer Ingestion in Children

Paper Towels or Hot Air Dryers - Which is Better & Why?

The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) leads Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 12-18.

Myths That Doctors Believe about Patient Experience

Why should adolescents be re-educated about hand hygiene?

Touchscreens: The Mosquito of the Digital Age

Meadows Regional Medical Center Teams Up with DebMed on “Clean Hands Matter”

Bacteria is lurking everywhere, how do we fight it?

Physicians’ Stethoscopes More Contaminated Than Palms of Their Hand

CRE superbug is spreading faster than before

Nurses Clothing Covered in Bacteria

Research Drives Hand Hygiene Innovation

Integration Is the Pathway to Improvement

Top 10 Healthcare Hand Hygiene Articles of 2016

Leapfrog Group results demand hand hygiene compliance

December 4-10 is National Handwashing Awareness Week!

New HHS Guidelines Carry Implications for Hand Hygiene Compliance

Protect yourself from colds and flu

New WHO SSI guidelines confirm vital role of hand hygiene

Do you know what’s hiding on your smartphone?

Fostering a Culture of Hand Hygiene Compliance, Monitoring, Feedback Key to Preventing HAIs

October is an important month for hand hygiene!

5 Ways to Break the Chain of Infection

Can you sniff c. diff?

Hospital ratings don’t deliver complete quality picture

Demonstrating Value of Health IT in Hand Hygiene Space

Why ‘neat freaks’ may not have the safest hands

Evidence-based improvement in hand hygiene; a nurse’s perspective

Do Canadian & American Healthcare Workers differ when it comes to hand hygiene?

Is patient hand hygiene the answer to reducing HAIs?

The painful truth about MRSA

The Journey of Behavior Change in Hand Hygiene

Are avoiding CMS penalties worth putting patients at risk?

There's no ‘I’ in Team: Secret to Hand Hygiene Compliance Improvement

The ROI of Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring in Healthcare

Say Hello to Clean Hands and Goodbye to MRSA

The Dirty Secret of What Is on Your Hands

Start With Real Hand Hygiene Data to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Does Direct Observation still have a place in hospitals?

What Exactly Is The Diller Rule, Anyway?

Hand Hygiene: Together We Can Be Better Than Average

How to Make It Easier for Patients to Speak Up About Hand Hygiene

Multi-Modal Educational Strategy for Healthcare Workers’ Handwashing

Key Considerations When Choosing an Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

4 Ways a Better Patient Experience Could Save Hospitals Money

Focus on Skin Health: Taking Care of Your Silent Majority

A Perfect World: When Patient Care and Patient Safety go hand in hand

10 Things CFOs need to know about MRSA

HIMSS16 Celebrates HIT’s Role in Infection Prevention and Control

5 Ways to Improve Technology Training for Nursing Staff

Inaccurate Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates Challenged

The new patient safety crusaders have arrived! Welcome EHCO!

White Coats – Symbols of purity and cleanliness - or germ magnets?

(Prairie) Dogs: Man’s best friend in the fight against disease?

The simplest solution to avoiding healthcare penalties now

Top 10 Healthcare Hand Hygiene Articles of 2015

The Top Four Facts about the Flu

5 Moments vs. 2 Moments. What is enough when it comes to hand hygiene?

Finding Common Ground in Hand Washing Practices

Identifying Transformative Leaders Who Can Drive Change

What Happens When Hospital C-Suite Prioritizes Hand Hygiene

How to "Recharge" Healthcare with Hand Hygiene Compliance

HealthAchieve Highlights Leadership, Innovation; DebMed Wins “Best of Show” Honor

Debunking Common Myths about Hand Cleaning

How to Ask Your Caregivers and Physicians to Clean Their Hands

Showcasing Innovation at HealthAchieve 2015

Patient Safety Strategy: Ask. Listen. Talk.

Converting Handwashing into a Habit #GlobalHandwashingDay

How does a FitBit relate to hand hygiene?

What’s the True Cost of Hand Hygiene Compliance?

The State of Hand Hygiene Compliance in North America

The Impact of the Flu and Prevention Considerations [Free E-Book]

Hand Hygiene Compliance Extremely Low in Hospital Reception Areas

Many Factors Involved in Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap and Water: Which Hand Hygiene Method Should You Use?

Group Monitoring Encourages Teamwork, Which Leads to Greater Rates of Hand Hygiene

Children’s Hospitals Need to Amplify the Role of Hand Hygiene

Applying Ontario’s Health Innovation Lessons to Hand Hygiene

Real World Consequences of Hospital-Acquired Infections

A Focus on Hand Hygiene Can Translate to Cost Savings for Hospitals

Are All Hospitals Striving for 100% Hand Hygiene Compliance?

The Evolution of Hand Hygiene in Healthcare

The Burden of Hidden (and Not-So-Hidden) HAIs Costs

Visiting A Hospital? Clean Your Hands!

Moving Toward a Prevention Based Society

Payment for Value Makes Hand Hygiene Compliance Even More Vital

Germ Alert: New SHEA Guidelines for Hospital Visitors Aim to Control Transmission of Bacteria

When It Comes to Hand Hygiene, Quantity Does Equal Quality

Celebrate National Fist Bump Day with a Cleaner Greeting

The Importance of Alcohol HandRubs in Healthcare

Creative Campaigns Can Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance

Implementing a Culture Change in the Healthcare Setting [Infographic]

Product Dispensers are Important in the Fight Against Infections

Hand Hygiene: Your Entrance Door to Safer, More Effective Interdisciplinary Care Across the Continuum

Manual Hand Hygiene Audits: Missing the Point?

WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Day! Your Five Action Items for May 5

Nurse Executives: Bold Champions of Hand Hygiene Compliance

Don’t Be Fooled. Know How to Combat Common Excuses for Lapses in Hand Hygiene.

Don’t Let Germs Become “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

The Unexpected Side Effect of Effective Hand Hygiene

Reduce the Risk. Go All Hands In for Electronic Monitoring

Hand Hygiene Education: Why, When and How

Remove Barriers, Increase Compliance

You cleaned your hands. But are they clean?

It’s Time for a Renewed Focus on Hand Hygiene Compliance

Hospitals Facing Steep Penalties for Preventable Infections

Affection to Infection

Everyone Plays a Role in Reducing HAIs

A Comparison of Hand Hygiene Standards

Fist Bump or Handshake: Which is Safer?

A Busy Hospital Season Calls for Diligent Hand Hygiene

If Money Talks, Let It Be Heard

Engage Patients with Influenza Insights

Infection Prevention Beyond IIPW

Physicians on the Front Lines: Where technology can help to make the clean hand the winning hand

Hand hygiene and the post-antibiotic era

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