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Top 5 Infection Prevention Articles Of All Time

Posted by Tanya van Monsjou on Oct 13, 2017 9:13:24 AM

The third week of October is dedicated to Infection Prevention and Control Professionals from across the healthcare spectrum, recognizing the profession and providing them with an engaged audience and an open forum for communication and education. The heightened awareness generated by social media, infection prevention partners, and the media drive us to look at our own hand hygiene practices and frequency of events, and question whether or not we are doing enough to protect ourselves and others from the spread of germs. The simple answer is no! In fact, according to the CDC hand hygiene compliance by healthcare providers is on average 50% or less.

This statistic suggests that we may all benefit from a refresher, so in light of this we have dusted off our most popular infection prevention and control blogs of all time, to help prepare you for International Infection Prevention Week (APIC USA) and National Infection Control Week (IPAC Canada).

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1) 5 Ways to Break the Chain of Infection

The Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) recommends six strategies for breaking the chain of infection, one of which is proper hand hygiene. Consider how you can contribute to “Breaking the Chain of Infection” by implementing strategies such as...click here to keep reading

 Facts - Good Hand Hygiene practices reduce illness.png

2) Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap and Water: Which Hand Hygiene Method Should You Use?

When it comes to cleaning one's hands in a healthcare setting, the general rule of thumb is to use soap and water to wash hands if they are visibly soiled. Otherwise, hand sanitizer is sufficient. Let’s take a closer look at this rule... I am intrigued

 Pretty young lady taking a decision with scale above her head.jpeg

3) Leapfrog Group results demand hand hygiene compliance

Hospitals who implement patient safety strategies like those outlined in this blog will help forge an enterprise-wide culture of safety. By sustaining such culture via incentives, education and training, healthcare professionals will help hand hygiene compliance achieve its promise and potential: to prevent and control HAIs and other dangerous, costly infectious diseases... You've got my attention


4) Nurses Clothing Covered in Bacteria

There is a constant battle that goes on daily in hospitals that requires a holistic approach in terms of infection prevention and control. The most common way that pathogens are transmitted is through contact transmission. Therefore, proper hand hygiene is the best intervention to halt infection. Each pathway is important during an outbreak, as these are the routes that need to be disrupted. The methodology and practicality are a delicate balance to attain... Tell me more

 Nurse Report - Direct Observation, GMS.jpeg

5) 5 Moments vs. 2 Moments. What is enough when it comes to hand hygiene?

What happens if healthcare professionals practice hand hygiene only at entry and exit of the patient room instead of at all five moments?... I need to know!

5 Moments - WHO.jpg

What's Your Strategy?

Are you planning something interesting or different for this year's IIPW or NICW? We would love to hear about it! Please share a description of your event in the comments section. Who knows, your creative idea could be the one that changes how we approach infection prevention and control in our healthcare facilities.

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