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Most Popular Posts of 2018

Posted by DebMed on Dec 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Another year is quickly coming to an end and we would like to to thank all our subscribers and occasional readers by sharing with you our most popular articles on hand hygiene and infection prevention from 2018. We will be taking a break over the holidays and returning in the new year!

In case you missed them here are the Top 5 articles from the DebMed Blog in 2018 ...


1. Disruptive Technology - Leading the Way in the Healthcare Industry

As disruptive technology continues to grow, Healthcare facilities are considering the use of electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems as part of their infection prevention protocols.

Although the Healthcare sector will invest in the latest software and new facilities for testing and screening, a fraction of the industry has technological preventative measures in place when it comes to hand hygiene and are yet to recognize that electronic hand hygiene systems are in place to help not hinder.

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2. Mind boggling facts: Why do some men avoid handwashing?

Brace yourself. A study from Michigan State University reported that only 5.3 percent of men wash their hands for the CDC-recommended 15 seconds or more after using the restroom. Even worse, many neglect to wash their hands at all. In a 2005 study by the American Society for Microbiology, it was observed that only 75% of men washed their hands after using the restroom compared to 90% of women.

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3. Why Can't We Seem to Say Goodbye to Poor Hand Hygiene

We know washing our hands is good. We know it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infections within healthcare settings. So then why is hand hygiene compliance still such an issue?

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4. Hospital Floors, Pathogens and the Five-Second Rule

Preventable healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) sicken an estimated721,800 Americans annually and cost as many as 75,000 patients their lives. With roughly one-in-25 hospital patients contracting an HAI every day, these infections are one of the most serious, yet preventable threats to patient safety in healthcare facilities. It’s no wonder then, that hospital cleaning procedures and practices are a top concern among healthcare institutions.

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5. A successful infection prevention strategy includes more than just hand hygiene

When it comes to healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevention strategy in healthcare facilities – where does it start?

There have been countless studies suggesting it starts and ends with hand hygiene, but recently surface disinfection has become a hot topic in the infection prevention space, in fact at the 2018 Interclean conference there was an extra emphasis on healthcare cleaning.

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